University Professionals' Symposium (UPS)

The University Professionals’ Symposium (UPS) is a free professional development opportunity that brings together staff and faculty from across the institution to share best practices and learn from U of T’s own experts in the field of student affairs and services.

 Formerly known as ‘Mini-CACUSS’, UPS has grown in the recent years. The symposium now offers concurrent sessions across a wide variety of topics and programming areas, by bringing together conference presentations and sessions that U of T colleagues have presented at local, national, and international higher education conferences. These conferences include, but are not limited to, CACUSS, STLHE, CACEE, and CSSHE.  This year’s Symposium was hosted on July 6, 2017 and featured 14 presentations drawn from 7 higher education conferences, and included faculty, staff, and PhD student presenters.

 Benefits of Attending:

·       Exchange ideas through meaningful dialogue

·       Learn from our homegrown expertise

·       Connect with new colleagues across U of T

·       Get exposure to professional development opportunities

·       It’s free!